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Odi’s Pizzeria & Restaurant

Posted at 4:56 PM, Aug 29, 2023
and last updated 2023-08-29 17:56:00-04

Odi’s Pizzeria & Restaurant
6313 Wooldridge rd. Unit 10 & 11

"When we created the idea of Odi’s Pizzeria, we kept in mind what “Pizzeria” is all about. In Italy, “Pizzeria” is an identity. An identity of quality, comfort, tradition and taste. We believe in tradition, quality and well-made food. We wanted to share something that is so widespread, loved and respected across Italy with our own neighbors and fellow Corpus Christi citizens. We bring many of our high-quality ingredients directly from Italy, where those same ingredients are used across many pizzerias in the nation. Those ingredients make up the best of what our customers can taste today at our restaurant."
Odi’s Pizzeria & Restaurant Owner's Aronne Fantin & Joseph Garza

Odi’s Pizzeria & Restaurant menu offers a variety of traditional Italian pizzas as well as original ones created specifically for Odi’s. Those that are traditional, have been cooked in Italian pizzerias for many years and are a staple of their menus.

Those that are original, have been named to represent various regions in Italy, due to an ingredient or a topping representative of that particular region. The history and the versatility of Italian nation deserves to be known. We wanted to ensure to include a bit of all of its uniqueness and beauty in our menu. However, even the best of the pizza lovers out there cannot eat pizza every day. In addition to an all-day pizza menu, we offer a variety of other options a customer can enjoy. Wednesday through Friday, at lunch time, we offer a number of unique and exciting Panini (sandwich) options, as well as a soup of the week and delightful salads. For dinner, you can expect a variety of starters, such as an Italian antipasto plate, weekly chef’s feature and a number of others. And don’t forget the desert! Our tiramisu will not disappoint. Did you know that Tiramisu does not have to be only coffee flavored? In fact, Tiramisu can have any flavor imaginable. Every week, the flavor will be new and exciting. Another reason to join us for a sensational new experience!

Odi’s Pizzeria is welcoming to all, whether a family with little ones or couples on a romantic date night. Everyone is welcome to join us: enjoy your time together, cherish moments that you have with each other, while also tasting a delicious bite (and a drink!). We, at Odi’s, believe, that memories we build together, will last a lifetime, so let us make more of them with you.

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