Asbestos Mold Inspections Coastal Bend

Asbestos Mold Inspections (AMI) Coastal Bend is a subsidiary of Astex Environmental Services (AES) in San Antonio, Texas. AES is a Small Business Enterprise (SBE SCRTCA Certified), Texas based corporation, formed in 1988 to provide multi-function environmental consulting. The company was born out of the necessity created by the great amount of concern and confusion within real estate, mortgage, and commercial banking industries with regard to potential liability from environmental hazards such as Asbestos, Mold, Lead Based Paint (LBP), PCBs, Radon, Underground Storage Tanks (UST’s), as well as confusion over compliance with State and Federal Regulations.

AMI’s Regional Office and staff are located in Corpus Christi, TX. The AMI team has a broad background in construction, commercial real estate, industrial hygiene, and physical science. AMI has assembled an experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals to answer a variety of environmental needs ranging from Asbestos Inspections, Asbestos Air-Monitoring, Mold/Indoor Air Quality Inspections, Lead Based Paint Inspections, Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (Property Transfer Assessments, Due Diligence), Phase II Environmental Hazard Assessments, Soil Remediation, and Hazardous Materials Disposal. The company views and approaches these issues from an owner/buyer/lender perspective not simply the scientific or regulatory context.

AMI reports are concise and written in an easy to read manner for non-scientific clients and may -- upon request -- contain cost estimates and recommendations that are "bottom line" sensitive. AMI is licensed to perform consulting responsibilities in the above referenced areas across the State of Texas. AES subscribes to and practices the ASTM Standards for Environmental Assessments.

Through our tenured staff and extensive network of environmental professionals, AMI provides a project management approach that ensures our clients receive state of the art solutions to a wide range of environmental concerns and challenges. AMI has extensive Federal, State and Local governmental entity experience. AMI is ‘people based’ and serves individuals to multi-million dollar contractors on a personal basis…give us a call…an AMI team member will answer the phone not an answering service. We are happy to provide licenses/certifications and references are always available.