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Helping Children To Navigate Grief & Loss During The Holidays

Posted at 3:34 PM, Nov 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-29 23:17:35-05

During the pandemic, countless families experienced the loss of a loved one, many of which were not expected.

The grieving process was disrupted by social distancing, making it difficult for families to come together, share their pain, and honor their loss, which has been especially hard on our kids.

As many families across Corpus Christi and those around the country are preparing for the first holiday season without their loved one, how can we do our part to help children who are navigating through grief and loss at this time?

A new children’s book series is here to help.

Joining us to share her courageous story and the release of her two new children’s books "I don’t want to say GOODBYE!" and "It’s ok to be HAPPY!", is Ta’Shay Mason.

This U.S. Army veteran and children’s author shares how we can provide support for our little ones who are grieving this holiday season.

To buy these books, head over to Ta'Shay's website where you will find her new series, "A Child's Journey Through Grief."

You can also find these book on Amazon.

Connect with Ta'Shay on her Social Media Platforms:
Twitter: @TaShayMason
Instagram: @Belshay_House
Facebook: @BelShayHouse

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