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A Relaxing Day at the Beach in the Love Shack Tiki Hut

Posted at 5:13 PM, Aug 04, 2023

Relax at the beach in style with the Love Shack Tiki Hut.
Renting the Tiki Hut means packing less and lounging more.

Deep in the Heart

Sarah and Chance Love are the owners of the Love Shack Tiki Hut. The name of this adventure goes much deeper than their last name.

In 2010 Sarah was blessed with the gift of life in the form of a heart transplant. The heart image also symbolizes the gift she received from her donor, Dillon.

Chance has fought colon cancer and each day the sun came up was a new day to fight and survive cancer. The Love's have been able to do so many things and leave an impact on the world in different ways in each of our lives.

This is another adventure in where they look forward to being able to help others experience the beach in a different and enjoyable way. The beach is their happy place and where they love to be.

The Love's moved to Corpus Christi in 2014 on faith and a prayer. People thought they were crazy, but they have been fortunate to experience many opportunities that they never thought possible living in Corpus.

Within the year they moved to Corpus they moved to The Island and that is where the true island living started. A bit ago, their families brought this idea of Love Shack Tiki Hut to them after they had a similar experience in Galveston/Crystal Beach.

After some thought and time, they decided this was a fantastic idea to bring to The Island and Port Aransas. Slowly they put together a business plan and began to create Love Shack Tiki Hut. They hope that you will enjoy the beach experience with a new look and adventure.

For more information about the Tiki Hut you can find them on instagam and facebook

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