Plenty of heat but not much rain in the forecast

Watching the tropics
Posted at 7:00 PM, Aug 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-11 20:00:29-04

We continue to have our usual hot and humid weather as high pressure aloft dominates our weather. This is normal for early August which is the hottest part of the year with the average 30 year high temperature at 96 degrees. We've been coming in just below that number but the humidity has made up for it, making it feel much hotter.

The high-pressure pattern that we have in place will weaken slightly the next few days and though it will continue to deliver mainly sunny skies and the hot temperatures, it will also allow daily rain chances to return too. These stray, to isolated at best, showers will be spotty throughout the region and many of us will stay dry. Those who are lucky enough to get a shower could see a quick quarter inch of rain before the shower either dries up or moves out. Not a huge deal, but the opportunity is there.

Winds will be much lighter as we head into the weekend, only coming in at 8-15 mph Thursday and Friday and 6-12 mph Saturday and Sunday which will give us good boating conditions as bays and waterways will be smooth.

Days will continue to reach into the low to mid 90s with heat indices at 105-109 each day while nights will dip into the upper 70s for lows.

We are watching Tropical Storm Fred which is forecast to weaken slightly as it tracks across northern Cuba through Friday, making a northern turn as it enters the Gulf Friday night. Fred is projected to move through the eastern Gulf this weekend, affecting the west coast of Florida and making landfall in the Florida panhandle by Monday.