Sharon Ray

Sharon Ray

Chief Meteorologist

Sharon Ray is the Chief Meteorologist for Action 10 News.

A love for the outdoors and a desire to know what causes weather led Sharon to a career in meteorology which began when she got her meteorology degree from Northern Illinois University.

She started her career in Corpus Christi where she interned and eventually worked the weekend news at KRIS-TV. She worked at TV stations in Illinois, Florida, California, and Missouri before moving back to Corpus Christi. Sharon holds the American Meteorology Society Seal of Approval for television weather-casting which she received early in her career.

Sharon and her husband have three children and are happy to make South Texas their home. Sharon loves hot, humid weather, seafood, heading to the beach, and fishing, which makes Corpus Christi the perfect place to live and forecast the weather. You can catch her weeknights at 4,5,6 and 10 PM on KZTV Action 10 News.