Hot, sticky weekend as the heat wave continues

Posted at 6:01 PM, Aug 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-09 19:01:55-04

The weekend brings more high heat, humidity and dry weather as the weather pattern remains the same. Partly cloudy skies in the mornings will turn to mostly sunny skies as the sea breeze increases through the afternoon with winds up to 20 mph. Temperatures will reach near 90 at the beaches to the upper 90s in Corpus Christi and 100 to 105 inland. The humidity will produce heat indices of 105 coast side and up to 115 inland each day with muggy nights, only cooling to near 80.

In the night sky, the Perseid meteor shower is in progress and will peak from late Saturday night through Monday night. Although you can see meteors any time after dark, the best time to look is after midnight, getting away from city lights. Unfortunately, the moonlight will interfere but the brighter meteors will still be seen. They tend to come in spurts so get comfortable, scan the sky and be patient and you should see some.

Friday night: Partly cloudy with lows in the upper 70s inland to low 80s at the beaches and southeast winds at 10-18 mph.

Saturday: Becoming mostly sunny and breezy with winds at 12-20 mph. At the beaches expect 12-20 mph winds, 3-4 foot waves and a moderate rip current risk. The water temperature is at 87-88 degrees. Bays will be slightly choppy to occasionally choppy and seas at 3-4 feet, occasionally up to 5 feet.

Sunday: Mostly sunny, hot and humid with highs from near 90 at the beaches up to 105 inland and southeast winds at 10-18 mph.