Two Troubleshooters cases are closed after resolution

Troubleshooters helps student with AEP problem
Posted at 3:25 PM, Jun 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-09 18:42:03-04

We have good news on two Troubleshooters stories we first reported last month.

On May 18, Ariana Galvan told us just about every electrical outlet in her apartment hadn’t worked for some time.

She claimed she had made management aware of the problem, but nothing had been done to fix the problem.

So we spoke with management, who told us it was an AEP problem.

We also contacted AEP.

Galvan tells three days after her story aired, the problem was fixed, and she’s happy about that.

And on May 11, Mrs. Rodriguez showed us the refrigerator she bought from Sears.

It was dented during delivery, and just hadn’t worked right for some time, despite various technicians coming out to try to fix it, she claimed.

So we called Sears, and they responded by saying the Rodriguez family was getting a new one.

We’ve confirmed with Sears that they’ll get the new one they selected, in July.

In the meantime, Sears has provided the Rodriguez family a rental refrigerator for free.

So two Troubleshooters cases closed.