Woman asks Troubleshooters for help getting her fridge fixed

Posted at 9:16 PM, May 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-11 22:16:06-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A woman bought a refrigerator from Sears three years ago, but has had nothing but problems with it.

Unfortunately, Sears’ Corpus Christi store went out of business last December.

So she called our Troubleshooters for help.

This is just one of the problems this woman has with her refrigerator.

She says it was dented during delivery three years ago.

And the light on the freezer side doesn’t work.

By the way, she asked that her face not be shown for this story.

She vaguely recalls she paid $2.000 for it, plus a few hundred dollars more for what she called a "Master Warranty," which she claims runs out in June.

After the lights, there was water, all over the floor," she said. "When we were in San Antonio. All the water was going to the laundry room."

Several pictures provide a better look at what she’s talking about.

Ice accumulating inside the refrigerator.

She told us she’s had to throw away a lot of food because of these problems.

"I’d like to speak to somebody in media or public relations," she says.

The Troubleshooters spent nearly 30 minutes trying to speak to a Sears representative.

But we never got the opportunity.

Sears closed its Corpus Christi location last December.

A Sears representative did contact us.

Then they contacted the Rodriguez’s.

Sears is replacing their refrigerator.

And Mrs. Rodriguez is quite elated.

If you have a warranty, The BBB recommends contacting the manufacturer.

Now, what about customers dealing with other businesses forced out of business by the pandemic?

The BBB advises to:

1. Send them a letter

2. Visit the business

3. Talk with nearby businesses about the one you’re dealing with.

4. Conact the landlord.

5. Last resor. Contact law enforcement