Troubleshooters: Ryant Connelly sentenced to six years in prison

Posted at 5:09 PM, Sep 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-22 18:09:25-04

CORPUS CHRISIT, Texas — A judge handed down a six year prison sentence to a local entrepreneur for violating his probation.

And it's a man the Troubleshooters know all too well. He's been in several stories during the last five years.
Countless customers with complaints about Ryant Connelly's business practices, whether it be from his construction or real estate businesses.

Assistant District Attorney Will Greenlee spoke with Andy Liscano about the public's response when it comes to Connelly's business practices.

"Whenever you mess with people's money, there becomes an additional concern that everybody has. Everybody has a family. Everybody wants to do the best thing for their family. When you start messing with somebody's money, it affects their ability to take care of the people they need to take care of."

Connelly's probation stems from a case in 2014 where Connelly, under the influence, caused a crash on I-37, leaving the other driver with severe injuries.

In November, 2020, Judge Sandra Watts ordered him to begin paying restitution to the other driver, and to spend 58 days in the Nueces County Jail.

Greenlee also spoke about one of the three probation violations a judge found Connelly guilty of on Tuesday.

"The first one is that he applied to St. Mary's University Law School. The second is that he said yes when asked if he was admitted to St. Mary's Law School," Greenlee said. "And the third relates to the LSAT score which he claimed St. Mary's reviewed and accepted him on the basis of."

None of it was true.

Greenlee did say Connelly was following through with the restitution payments, but was not complying with the terms of his mandated alcohol testing.