Troubleshooters: Repeat offender ghosts Rockport restaurant

Posted at 9:59 PM, Mar 07, 2022

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — We have done several Troubleshooters stories over the years involving a local businessman named Augustin Balboa III.

He runs a local appliance repair business, but the stories we've done have been about customer complaints. Specifically that he collects money for parts, but seldom delivers the parts or gives his customers their money back.

The owner of Rosita's Family Restaurant of Rockport, tells his story about his experience with Balboa and Triple A Restaurant Services.

"Legitimate or not, it sounded like he's been in the business for a number of years," said Zac Partenheimer, Rosita's owner. "So he diagnosed the problem. Said I needed a couple parts."

Partenheimer and his wife Monica told us about the day Augustin Balboa III of Triple A Restaurant Service walked in their restaurant and offered his services.

Partenheimer eventually hired him.

Balboa would order two burners for the restaurant's gas range. The total cost?


On February 1, Partenheimer paid Balboa.

With Oysterfest and Spring Break coming, and increased business for the restaurant, he wanted to make sure the kitchen was ready.

The Troubleshooters have reported on customer complaints we received on Balboa as far back as 2010.

We were in a Nueces County court in August 2018 when he was facing charges of exploitation of a minor, elderly, or disabled.
He was accused of collecting money for parts and repair services, but never providing the services, which is a third degree felony.
His business used to be called A&B Appliance Repair.

So when the 51-year-old appliance repairman stopped communicating with the Partenheimer's, they started doing their own research on him

Since Tuesday March 1, the Troubleshooters have called Balboa everyday, giving him an opportunity to tell us his side of this story.
He has not returned our calls.

We went looking for the address he gave the Partenheimer's. It doesn't exist.

The Partenheimer's say they contacted Rockport Police about this.

So did we.

They say it's an open investigation, so they can't comment. In the meantime, it'll be business as usual at Rosita's, and a harsh lesson learned.

We checked Balboa's background. He has several cases pending in Nueces County, but no convictions.

We'll keep checking on this, and let you know what develops.