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Woman needs help getting title dealership never bought

Posted at 1:23 AM, Feb 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-13 02:30:06-05

Monica Lott said she bought this sweet 2009 4-door Mercedes-Benz in September 2019 for $6,000 total, including $500 for tax, title, and license.

She bought it from Matt's Auto Sales on SPID, but Lott said she called us because Matt's Auto Sales is out of business, and now she's going to have to pay more money to get the title.

When asked how much more she thinks it'll cost to get a title, she said it could get pretty expensive.

"Well, I know a bonded title is $200 up to $6,700," she said. "I have to do paper tags until i get that."

Speaking of paper tags, Lott said this is the second set of paper tags she's had to get because she doesn't have the title.

Lott tells us she's contacted the regional DMV office about this problem, and claims they told her. . .

"I'm not the only one," she said. "If they could just guide me through the process for a bonded title, or trying to get the title through the courts."

Here's some positive news for Lott: Just days ago, the DMV's Corpus Christi regional center sent this letter to the Lubbock Co. Tax Assessor-Collector.

it says in part . . .

"Please accept this letter to process the motor vehicle title and registration for Lott at no fee."

And further, we have determined 'the required title and registration fees were paid to Matt's Auto Sales.'

And that the DMV is pursuing collection of the fees from the dealership.

But remember, Matt's Auto Sales at 3602 SPID is out of business, according to Lott.