Impromptu shuttle brings Calallen Elementary students to school

Calallen staff, teachers provide shuttle service for kids
Posted at 7:03 PM, May 21, 2021

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Students at Calallen Elementary School got to school Wednesday thanks to the diligence of the school's staff.

The woman you saw in that truck is the school's principal, who was on her way to pick up some students who couldn't get out of their flooded homes.

The school organized a convoy of truck to go house by house to pick up students and bring them to class.

And it wasn't just students who had a hard time getting to school this morning.

"I couldn't get out of my house," said Gwen Villareal, a kindergarten teacher at the school. "I live in Woodriver and it was flooded at the bottom of my driveway. It came into my house this morning so I wasn't able to leave and so I've been trying to get here since about 7:30 a.m."

Talk about going the extra mile.

We want to give a big shout out to the staff at Calallen Elementary for organizing this impromptu shuttle service for their students.