Hot weekend ahead!

Dry heat Saturday, but humidity soon returns
Expect hot days, humid nights
Posted at 7:35 PM, Jun 03, 2022

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Happy Weekend!

It's going to be a very hot couple of days for us here in the Coastal Bend. Starting with Saturday, expect less wind and less humidity. Sunday, the humidity returns. One can only hope the sea breeze will kick in fast enough before the mercury rises to the middle 90s to bring some relief.

Our winds will be light overnight and shift from the southwest on Saturday morning. This wind direction is a drier, hotter wind. Winds remain light through the early afternoon and shift from the southeast— a moist, onshore flow.

This pattern repeats Sunday morning, but the winds will be a bit stronger and we'll see the shift to onshore winds sooner. From late Sunday into the beginning of the week, humidity increases as do generally windy conditions! This elevated wind and higher humidity should keep our mornings warmer and afternoon highs in the low to middle 90s through next week.

Make sure to take care this weekend. With full sun and hot temperatures, heat-related illness can set in quickly! Take extra steps to beat the heat and check in on children, the elderly, and pets.

Have a safe and fun weekend!