One or two showers on Saturday, more Sunday-Monday

Posted at 6:37 PM, Sep 07, 2018

The chance for showers continues through the weekend, but Saturday looks to bring a lower chance of rain than what we’ve seen lately.

Saturday’s forecast

Rain chances go down to isolated for Saturday. Expect just one or two showers to pop up across the area, but most folks are likely to stay dry. Highs will be in the low 90s thanks to less rain coverage and more sunshine. If you have outdoor plans, Saturday will probably be your safest bet.

Sunday and Monday

By Sunday, a cold front will be sitting to our north over San Antonio. This front won’t have any cool air behind it, but it will help spark some more rain. Early Sunday, the rain is expected to be west and north of us. But as the day progresses, we’ll start to see more of the rain in the Coastal Bend. Through the overnight and into Monday, the chance for rain will remain elevated. The 24 hours from late Sunday through Monday will likely be our best shot of rain for the next seven days.

Tropics Watch

We’re watching Hurricane Florence over the Atlantic as impacts to the U.S. East Coast are becoming more likely. While there remains a lot of uncertainty in the forecast for this storm, the risk of threatening impacts continues to grow for next week.

Elsewhere in the Atlantic, two tropical depressions are now sitting between the Caribbean and Africa. Tropical Depression Nine, the leading system, is headed toward the Caribbean, while Tropical Depressions Eight trails right behind but is heading northward away from the Caribbean.

Action 10 Weather will be watching all of these storms very closely over the weekend.