Coastal flood advisory in effect until noon Thursday

Posted at 7:31 PM, Sep 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-05 20:32:11-04

Scattered showers popped up on Wednesday, but unfortunately Corpus Christi missed most of the rain. Hopefully we can spread the rain around with more rain chances in the forecast.

Coastal Flood Advisory

A coastal flood advisory is in effect until noon on Thursday for all the Gulf facing beaches. The tides overnight on Wednesday night through Thursday morning are forecast to be elevated by 2 to 3 feet. In addition to this, the rip current risk will be at a high level. This is all thanks to Gordon and the rough seas that it churned up while in the Gulf.

Thursday and Friday

Current indications are that the rain will be a little more widespread on Thursday than it has been over the past few days. However, the rain won’t hit everyone, and some folks are going to come up empty handed again on Thursday. We’ll have mostly cloudy skies with scattered showers and storms. Temperatures will be in the upper 80s and low 90s. We could even see some rain during the mornings over the next few days, but then we’ll also see more with afternoon heating and seabreeze.

There won’t be a big change in things on Friday, but the rain coverage looks like it will be a little bit lower. This will once again leave some people short in the rainfall department.