Isolated rain Saturday, Meteor shower this weekend

Posted at 3:44 PM, Aug 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-10 21:38:43-04

If you see rain this weekend, the best chance would be Saturday. By Sunday, only a few stray showers will pop up, but another round of African dust and the resulting haze will move into the region.

Saturday’s forecast

Partly cloudy skies will be the story for many of us, but some isolated showers and storms are forecast to pop up throughout the day, especially during the afternoon. You should still be able to take care of your outdoor plans, but you might have to run for cover if a storm develops. There could be some lightning and thunder with some these storms, so you’ll want to head indoors if a storm approaches.

High temperatures will be in the mid-90s for most folks, but those who get a cooling shower or storm may see the temperature drop to the 80s briefly. In addition, the winds will become a bit breezy.

Sunday: African dust

We’ve had a few weeks now that we’ve stayed clear of any major bursts of African dust, but it’s coming back by Sunday. The breeze will continue and that will help bring the dust into our skies. Expect the sky to have some haziness as we start next week.

Aside from the haze, a few stray showers can’t be ruled out on Sunday. However, coverage should be far less than Saturday’s rain.

Perseid Meteor Shower

Both Saturday and Sunday night are considered to be the best nights to view the Perseid Meteor Shower. There could be as many as one meteor per minute streaking across the sky. The meteors will basically look like shooting stars that exist for a quick second or two. You’ll want to head outside and get away from light pollution to view them. Allow 30 minutes or so for your eyes to adjust to the darkness and just stare at the sky. The highest amount of meteors is expected in the early morning hours.

Next week

It’s looking hot and mostly dry for next week, but we’ll keep watching it for you over the weekend.