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Nashville police officer arrested after appearing in OnlyFans video

Sean Herman was arrested on two counts of felony official misconduct for taking part in the skit.
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Posted at 6:54 AM, Jun 14, 2024

Nashville police officer Sean Herman was arrested Thursday morning on two counts of felony official misconduct for taking part in an OnlyFans skit.

Herman was on duty on April 26, when he was seen groping the woman in the video. At first, It wasn’t clear if he was on duty or not, but Herman was seen wearing his full uniform and had his squad car with him.

Police said Chief John Drake directed that the investigation continue after Herman was fired, resulting in his indictment. Authorities say Herman was in the Madison area to film the video, which was the same precinct he covered as a patrol officer.

Scripps News Nashville discovered that Herman was the one who asked to do this stunt. In the video, Herman identifies himself as "Officer Johnson" before being invited to reach for the woman's breasts.

The video shows Herman's shoulder for a brief moment, with what appears to be the Metro Nashville logo.

Herman was fired shortly after since he was already on a “Last Chance” agreement for prior infractions with fellow officers.

Herman’s bond was set at $3,000.

He was with the department for three years before his firing.

How this story came to be

The video — titled "Can't believe he didn't arrest me" — was originally posted by a woman named Jordin who was sitting in the driver’s seat. A man in the passenger seat is heard telling Jordin that he knew she would be pulled over for how fast she was driving.

The man pans the camera from the back windshield where a white squad car is seen. Jordin is then heard saying, “I’m not going to get a ticket … I’m going to show him my (breasts).”

Moments later, an officer approaches the driver’s side door and identifies himself as “Officer Johnson of PD.”

He is then seen reaching into the car and groping Jordin’s breast before grabbing his genitals through his pants.

Metro Nashville police told Scripps News Nashville that they were made aware of the video Wednesday and immediately launched an investigation.

This article was originally published by Levi Ismail for Scripps News Nashville.