KRIS 6 Hooks Kid Reporter Ian Sanchez interviews Tommy Sacco Jr.

KRIS 6 Hooks Kid Reporter Ian Sanchez interviews Tommy Sacco Jr.
Posted at 7:21 PM, Jun 24, 2024

CORPUS CHRISTI, Tx — Our seventh KRIS 6 Hooks Kid Reporter of the 2024 season, 8-year-old Ian Sanchez, sat down in the dugout with Astros' Double-A shortstop Tommy Sacco Jr. Sanchez is one of 13 kids selected this summer to interview and get to know a Hooks player at Whataburger Field.

Ian Sanchez: What inspired you to start playing baseball?

Tommy Sacco Jr.: It ran in my family. My dad played baseball. My grandpa played baseball, so it's kind of all I knew growing up you know.

Sanchez: Who is your biggest role model in the sport?

Sacco Jr.: When I was growing up probably Derek Jeter. My family are Yankees fans, so I was always watching him when I was younger. He's a good role model and captain.

Sanchez: Can you tell us about your journey of becoming a baseball player?

Sacco Jr.: It was a long one for sure. I went to a Junior College, so a 2-year college. I didn't get to go to a 4-year out of high school. Played there. Went to TCU after that. Had a bunch of fun. 3 years there. Took me 5 years in college, so that's pretty rare. That's pretty cool. Then after my last year at TCU the Astros called and I became a professional.

Sanchez: What is your favorite baseball memory so far?

Sacco Jr.: I've got a lot of them. First professional homer was in Fayetteville. It was a walk-off. That's a pretty cool memory. That was my first walk-off homer, so that was pretty fun. I got a couple of memories. On my birthday at TCU I got to hit two homers, so that's pretty cool. Just winning stuff in college. I've got a bunch of them. I don't have a favorite one.

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Sanchez: How do you balance school work and baseball commitments?

Sacco Jr.: I had plenty of experience with this being in college for 5 years. It's hard for sure. It's just maintaining a good schedule. Block off time for your school work. School work comes first. Baseball is the privilege of doing school.

Sanchez: What do you do to relax off the field?

Sacco Jr.: I think the biggest thing is video games. Whenever you get done after games just go play some video games.

Sanchez: What are your goals as a baseball player?

Sacco Jr.: Biggest one is making it to the Big Leagues. That's why you get drafted. That's why you play all of these games throughout the year, throughout the summers and all of that stuff. Try to make it to the Big Leagues as fast as you can and for as long as you can you know.

Sanchez: What's your favorite part about being a baseball player?

Sacco Jr.: There's a lot of them. A lot of good parts. I'd say first and foremost I get to play just a game. I get to play a kid's game for a living. That's a big thing. Most people have to work a normal job. I get to play this. That's No. 1. The other part is the friends you make.

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