Jim "The Rookie" Morris makes guest appearance at Reach Ministries event

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Posted at 5:43 PM, Oct 26, 2021

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Jim "The Rookie Morris was guest speaker at Tuesday's Reach Ministries Dream Maker Business Luncheon at The Ortiz Center on Tuesday.

His life story as a baseball pitcher who finally made his debut at age 35 with Tampa Bay was made into a movie called "The Rookie". Actor Dennis Quaid played Morris in the 2002 presentation.

"Dennis did a great job and he was so nice," said Morris. "Dennis told me if you see anything being filmed that you don't agree with , tell me and it's out and he was true to his word."

Morris was teaching science and coaching baseball in Big Lake, Texas before taking a chance on a major league tryout.

"At age 24, I had surgery and doctors said never again because 85 percent of my deltoid muscle was gone," said Morris. "And to take a bunch of teenage kids who after the doctor said can't happen and make a bet? I tried out and made it to the big leagues at age 35 instead of 19 but what a trip it was."