Local fighter medals at international Muy Thai tournament

Posted at 3:34 AM, Jun 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-26 16:42:14-04

Sports Training gym in Calallen is a no-frills sort of place. Owner, Kirk Hubble doesn’t turn on the air conditioner, but will crank up the intensity of a workout without a second thought.

"It’s very satisfying and it’s really nice knowing that this is just the beginning to a large extent," Hubble told KZTV. 

Hubble is referring to his style of teaching that has produced at least one prodigy for sure, 23 year old Muy Thai fighter, Preston Anderson.

"I had to go in and dog fight him pretty much make it as dirty as I could," Anderson said. 

That dirty dog fight was actually part of an international tournament in Mexico, where Preston delivered a leg-crumbling elbow to a fighter representing Tai Pei. 

"It was a clean knockout, and a great feeling. I didn’t take any damage in that fight so I was able to get in and out of there," Anderson said. 

Anderson was thoroughly tested both physically and mentally at the tournament; getting weighed in before every fight and facing fighters with double digit  numbers under their belts. 

However, what Anderson lacks in experience, he makes up for in determination. Coach Kirk says it’s nice to see all their hard work shine under the bright lights of the the Muy Thai ring. 

"To finish the fight and probably have the best finish of the tournament especially for the U.S. team…it was awesome, it really was," Hubble said.  

Preston’s next competition will be later this year in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He will face competitors who get paid to fight and train for a living….but what most would easily call a disadvantage is put into a glass half full mentality by coach. 

"We’re still able to push the envelope because of the fact that we have young inexperienced fighters going up against the worlds best," Hubble said. 

If all goes according to plan, Preston will compete again in May of 2019,at the international tournament which will be held in Australia, ‘down under’ also happens to be where Preston’s idol was born.

"Crocodile hunter is a big inspiration of mine," he admitted. 

"Steve Irwin…he’s the man, rest in peace, god rest his soul…beautiful man," he said.