TAMUK Baseball- They’re Not Leaving

Posted at 10:33 PM, May 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-21 23:33:55-04


"I’ve only got three words there Jared, it’s : WE’RE NOT LEAVING!!!" Dallas Stefano shouted into the KZTV mic while simultaneously holding the NCAA Regional Championship Trophy.   

Yes, spirits are high in Javelina country aka Kingsville. For head baseball coach, Jason Gonzales, who has come close but never cracked into the College World Series, what seemed impossible is no longer an issue.

"We kind of went over there and said…someone’s gotta win this tournament..why not us??" he explained to KZTV. 

They did win and there was never a doubt of whether they deserved it or not. This team has been working diligently since August. There have been tough 5 am workouts, tough losses, and let’s not discount this Texas heat. 

"It takes a little bit of arrogance, you’ve got to feel really good about what you are doing but for us, this is not like we’ve played 4 or 5 very good games. this started for us, in August," Gonzales said.  

Most coaches preach humility, but Gonzales is passionate about having an arrogant way of play. 

"It’s not like where you have too much cockiness, because you don’t wanna have that but it’s just where you know you can do your best at any time and any moment," Dallas Stefano, who cranked out a grand slam in the first inning of the tournament final, explained to KZTV. 

The baseball team has officially made history, but they insist there is more to be made. 

"It’s just one game at a time, we’ll take it from there," Dallas said. 

"We’ll go over there and play with our hair on fire with a lot of arrogance and we’ll see what happens," coach Gonzales added. 

In case you didn’t catch it the first time, THEY’RE NOT LEAVING!!!!