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Polar Bear Rolling Ice Cream offers unique, sweet icy treats

Polar Bear Rolling Ice Cream offers delectable treats
Posted at 12:55 PM, Oct 01, 2021

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream.

It’s one of the most popular sweet treats.

And now Polar Bear Rolling Ice Cream has developed a unique way to serve it up to hungry Coastal Benders.

You can find it at their location at their location at 6410 Weber Road.

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Owners delight in serving a variety of flavors.

“This is going to be a cookies and cream waffle taco with roasted marshmallows,” owner Nicole Kindzirsky said.

Nicole and her husband, Roman Kindzirsky, were looking for something unique when they developed the Polar Bear concept – even expanding during the pandemic.

“When this opportunity came about, we felt the need to jump right back into the food business and to join our other local community food vendors,” Nicole Kindzirsky said. “Just like everybody else in quarantine everyone was baking and eating sweets, so when we told the kids there was an ice cream shop for sale the answer was yes.

“I think that that's a running theme in our community is resilience and that's just exactly what we are trying to do we are trying to show that companies and restaurants can still survive during this pandemic and there's plenty of people that want sweet treats.”

The Kindzirskys went far outside the United States for their delectable, icy concept.

“This is called rolled ice cream,” she said. “It’s popular in Southeast Asia. In fact, in places in Thailand where it originated from, this is called stir fry ice cream and the more we mix it around the creamier it gets. And once it’s at the perfect consistency, we flatten it all out and we roll it up.”

The delicious treat delights their customers.

Couple met in Corpus Christi 15 years. My wife has been an education TAMU-cc and Del mar College program coordinator in chargeof dual credit . Five years.

“Obviously, these are beautiful, delicious,” one customer said. “There is no reason not to come here. You know what I mean, who doesn’t like rolled ice cream?”

Roman Kindzirsky says the challenges of operating the business are immense in these uncertain financial times, particularly finding employees.

“One of the biggest struggles is definitely a theme in pretty much the whole service industry is finding people right now (to work),” Roman Kindzirsky said. “It’s really hard.

“The whole industry has been struggling to find employees and workers and just the stability of that. We are experiencing that. We are currently hiring right now and looking for additional help here at the shop.”

It’s helped that the Kindzirskys have been able to add family members into their employment mix.

“On the weekend, you'll definitely see the kids in here hanging out and taking orders sometimes,” he said. “So I definitely think it was a challenge but being together being in quarantine together under the same roof, it just kind of made sense to make this leap together as a family. My son – we have a giant polar bear costume – he gets in there, passes out fliers, it’s really cool.”

The Kindzirskys met in Corpus Christi 15 years. Nicole worked at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi and has been in charge of the dual credit program at Del Mar College for five years. Roman has developed and operated a variety of business concepts.

Their history in the area and their delicious treats make them happy to offer their goods to local consumers.

“We are the proud owners of Polar Bear Rolling Ice Cream on the corner of Saratoga and Weber,” Nicole Kindzirsky said. “We invite you to join us and be a part of our foodie nation and enjoy a sweet treat.”