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Bottomless Pit BBQ serves up deliciousness for 17 years

Posted at 10:41 AM, May 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-15 20:05:40-04

Bottomless Pit BBQ has become a popular westside eatery near Miller High School during its 17 years of service.

The pits are open as they are known during that history for their great food and generous donations to the community.

Located at 2915 Leopard St., they are open now only as a drive through. But they still have remained busy because of their great food.

Owner Mack Rodriguez has been serving up delicious barbecue from the state. Freshness is a big key to their success as they smoke their meat all night long and pretty much serve it right off the grill.

"You have never eaten something from here that wasn't right off our smokers,” Rodriguez said. "We don’t have a microwave, we don’t have any kind of way to reheat sold anything as fresh like pork ribs, brisket, all that stuff”

Bottomless Pit also specializes in catering and special events. Rodriguez says he can't wait to use his newly remodeled banquet room.

“Hey you guys want something in June or July, we are ready to go and throw your party,” he said.

Rodriguez is big on giving back. He provides all first responders discounts on their meals and he has stepped up big for the Corpus Christi Police Officers Association by catering their annual fundraising dinner at a big discount.

"They are very generous when they do that because it is a fundraiser for us, and the event has become so successful we do it twice a year,” said Scott Leeton of the Corpus Christi Police Officers Association. “So I came back to Mack and said, ‘Look I don't want to take advantage but we are doing it again and (he) said look no problem’ So, they have always been there.”

Bottomless Pit is open only for lunch, Tuesday through Saturday.

They are closed on Sunday and Monday.