Troubleshooters; Woodhouse Lane

New Homeowners Ask the Troubleshooters for Help with New Home Problems
Posted at 5:41 PM, Jul 24, 2019
and last updated 2020-06-15 10:46:14-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Imagine for a moment, the excitement of owning your first home.
And a brand new one at that.
But a short time after moving in, you begin to notice flaws in the overall workmanship.
What do you do ?
What can you do ?

"Why did you do that ? You should have never done that. Now, I'm gonna have to kill you. I'm gonna blow your house up. And if you walk out of your house, you better watch yourself. You and your husband. I'm gonna hire somebody to beat y'all up."

Let's start there.
With Pearl Gravely recalling a phone conversation she claims she had with Reyhan Azalli of Jackie Homes.
He's responding to something Gravely admits she wrote on a social media platform about the workmanship of the home she and her husband bought from Jackie Homes' in February 2018.
"That I had bought a house. And if anybody was trying to buy a house, for you to stay away from Jackie Homes," she recalled.

That's apparently what triggered the heated response from Azalli.
So after getting that call, Pearl Gravely called police.
And then told us what she told them.
"When I picked up the phone, he says, 'you ****ing ugly b**** ! I'm gonna ****ing kill you. What the hell did you do ? And I said, excuse me. Where is this coming from ?"

Jackie Homes is named for Jackie Azalli, Reyhan's wife, and a licensed real estate agent.
The Gravely's house is in the Grange Park subdivision at Slough and Woodhouse Lane on the city's south side.

They insist the house they bought from Azalli last year, already needs repairs, primarily to the roof.
Apparently it's so bad, they hired Corpus Christi Home Inspections to check it out.
The inspector wrote 'noticed several areas of concern on roofing materials buckling occurring.(recommend a certified roofer to fully evaluate and fix and repair)

The Gravely's further claim they sent a copy of this report to Azalli, but their roof still hasn't been fixed.
They further believe the issues with the roof, have led to what they say is mildew forming around this light fixture.

And there are other issues, like the shower door.
"It's upside down," Henry Gravely told the Troubleshooters. "It's upside down and crooked."
Yet another issue the Gravely's point out is that the outside a/c unit sits unevenly.

According to the inspectors report, it has to be leveled.

But what's particularly frustrating to the Gravely's, and some of their neighbors about all of this, is feeling like nobody cares.
"We called you guys because we got tired of being ignored. By ? By Jackie Homes. Jackie and Rey Azalli."

I spoke with Rey Azalli by phone.
He acknowledged that there are minor issues, but that he has sent his crew to fix them.
And that all his homeowners are happy with their homes.

He also says the Gravely's have what he called a 2-10 warranty, meaning issues like they pointed out, are covered, for up to 10 years after move-in.
And as far as the roof, it was re-inspected, and passed.

He told us that if the Gravely's want to take legal action against him, or go to mediation, he's ready and willing.

Jackie Homes responded to Troubleshooters questions with the following written statement.