Troubleshooters: Vehicle mileage discrepancy

Posted at 6:36 PM, Dec 23, 2020

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — David Stevens showed the Troubleshooters a copy of the title to the 2015 Dodge Dart his son Tyler Murray bought this summer. It shows the mileage at 51,701.

At least that's what Murray was told July 7, the day he bought the car from King Motorcars on Staples for $3500.00. That's a pretty good deal.

But, the mileage listed on a copy of the title shows 137,503.

"I'm thinking, well, looks like fraud to me, but the reason being, the numbers don't add up," Stevens told the Troubleshooters. "I'm 100,000 short on this title. We were told 51,000 and we end up finding out that it's 151,000 on the vehicle."

So what's going on here?

The Troubleshooters visited King Motorcars today. A representative told us the discrepancy is a typo and the DMV will correct it when their offices open again.

The Troubleshooters sent the odometer discrepancy to the DMV. They responded, saying Stevens should file a complaint with them.

They further told us they have five open cases on King Motorcars, but can't comment on the nature of those complaints.

Stevens first contacted us in November because his son was still waiting for the title, plates, and registration, four months after buying the car.

Guess what?

Still waiting for the original title, but they finally have plates and registration.

Robert Salazar with King Motorcars blames the delay on the pandemic.

Stevens replied "the community needs to know if people are doing this type of business, they need to be put out of business."