Troubleshooters: Taft couple wants alleged construction flaws on new home repaired

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Posted at 4:32 PM, Apr 04, 2022

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A Taft couple bought a $220,000 manufactured home a few months ago, however, they've pointed out several construction flaws that they want repaired. While they have reached out to the company that sold them the home, nothing has been done, so they've called the Troubleshooters for help.

Doug and Stephanie Holder call their new home their 'forever' home for their family. A 2,400 square foot home on three acres of land that they moved into in February.

But they said they called us because they wanted to show us the flaws in its construction. Flaws they've been asking Palm Harbor Homes to repair, repeatedly, yet no repairs have been done.

As Stephanie puts it somewhat emotionally, "we're basically begging for help. None of this is our fault. We had nothing to do with the set-up. We paid people to do it. They were supposed to be qualified to do it."

The Holders claim their electric bill has tripled in cost, their water bill has increased, their Smart toilets keep running, and dust blows into their home through openings in the doors.

In March, the Holders sent an email to Palm Harbor Homes "demanding a resolution".

They've contacted their mortgage company, their insurance company, their windstorm insurance, which is nearly $900 a month; and it doesn't look like anyone's willing to help them.

The Troubleshooters spoke with Alex Darley, a Palm Harbor general manager, who referred us to Josh Christian, another general manager. We also spoke with Marcelo Benavides, another manager, who told us we weren't being told the whole story, and urged us to call Donna Wilkie, a Palm Harbor corporate retail support manager

Colleen Rogers, senior vice president of marketing for Palm Harbor Homes, contacted the Troubleshooters on Monday.
She said they're aware of the Holder's complaints, but claims Palm Harbor Homes has tried repeatedly, and unsuccessfully, to contact the Holder's to get this resolved.

So the next step, according to Rogers, is the Holders need to contact the Texas Department of Housing and Consumer Affairs, to set up a time and date for all three sides to meet at the home to determine what the issues are.