Troubleshooters: Problems with headstone at Taft Cemetery

Troubleshooters Taft
Posted at 5:32 PM, Sep 11, 2023
and last updated 2023-09-12 12:48:43-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A family's loved one is interred at the Taft Memorial Park Cemetery, but imagine their outrage when they discovered the headstone they'd bought and paid for was missing.
So they called us for help finding it and getting it reinstalled.

"She came down here to clean up my grandma's headstone, and the area around here. And she noticed that the headstone was gone," Moses Cisneros told us as he stood at his grandmother's gravesite.

He called the Troubleshooters, a bit outraged, after finding out from his sister, that their grandmother's headstone was missing from her gravesite in Taft.

"Right here is where my grandma's buried. And her headstone was right here. It was mounted right here."

Cisneros admits the headstone had fallen over multiple times, and that the crew at the cemetery had put it back up. Still, he contacted Frank Lamas, who owns Taft Memorial Park.

The same Frank Lamas who just took over Corpus Christi Memorials.

In fact, there's an advertisement for CC Memorials in the Taft Cemetery.

Cisneros told us he also contacted law enforcement, and they told him the headstone had been located, and where it was.

"So somehow, someway, they had picked it up," Cisneros told the Troubleshooters, "and instead of picking it back up, they picked it up and took it 150 yards that way to where that yellow building's at."

Along with Cisneros, we walked over and found the headstone, lying on the ground among others.

"He has no compassion whatsoever. These are our loved ones," Cisneros said.

While speaking with Cisneros, Frank Lamas pulled up in a truck. And although he refused to be recorded or photographed, he pointed out the park rules clearly on display.

The good news here is that Cisneros and Lamas have agreed to meet on Tuesday to get this resolved.

We'll let you know how that goes.