Troubleshooters: Neighbors complain about unkept properties

Posted at 4:16 PM, Sep 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-26 12:46:33-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — We have a new Troubleshooters report.

Neighbors in a west side neighborhood are sick and tired of rodents coming out of the tall grass and weeds in the properties behind them, and onto their properties.

So we contacted the city's Code Enforcement Department about it.

"Why is this a problem for you?" the Troubleshooters asked.

"Because we have a lot of rodents come out at night, and they go all over our yards, and stuff. It's not right."

Frank Escamilla and Moses Pacheco have been neighbors in this west side neighborhood for years.

But recently, their neighbors directly behind them, on Curtiss Street, aren't taking care of their business.

Not cutting their grass and weeds.
Leaving disabled vehicles in the driveway.

Both men tell the Troubleshooters they've tried contacting the city to get something done about this.

"Would you say, right now, that there's nobody even living in either house ? I've never seen anybody out there."

And it's not just one house, it's three in a row on Curtiss.

The Troubleshooters knocked and knocked on doors, built got no response. So we contacted the city's code enforcement department, and they checked it out Wednesday.

As for the first house, there were violations for tall grass, weeds, litter, solid waste, and junk vehicles in the driveway.

Code Enforcement says they will initiate cases for those violations.

At the second location, they didn't find any violations, nor at the third.

The city further told us they'll initiate a case for the property at 3621 Curtiss for a vacant lot with tall weeds, litter, solid waste, and trees obstructing the vision on the sidewalk, curbs and gutters.

"What do you want," we asked the two men.

"I would like them to clear it out, or get somebody, whoever the property owners are, to take responsibility. "

So the process has begun. How long it takes to actually get these properties clean up, nobody knows, except the city.