Troubleshooters: Mobile Home Move

Posted at 3:35 PM, Jul 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-02 15:10:31-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Paul Perez showed the Troubleshooters the spot he claims Infinity Trucking of Alice left his mobile after moving it to Portland from Taft in March. "This area. Sat here 3 weeks. 3 weeks ? Right here. This area. Did not move."

They left it sitting in the middle of the road in the mobile home park they moved it to.

And all Perez has to show he paid Infinity $800.00 for the move, is a piece of paper from a notepad.

He claims Infinity made a mistake in the way they tried to move home into his space. "So he pulls in, and jackknifes it. And tries to turn it in here ? Right. There's no possible way. No possible way. If he would have backed in, he'd have hit it right here. No damage."

Perez has expertise in mobile home moves because that's what he does for a living.

The Troubleshooters checked with the Texas DMV and learned a permit is required to move a mobile home, and it was Infinity Trucking's responsibility to secure the permit since they were doing the move.

Furthermore, Infinity Trucking has no record of Infinity Trucking of Alice applying for a permit.

Last Wednesday, the Troubleshooters went to an address in Alice listed for Infinity. It's a residence, and the person who answered the door said she knew Infinity's owner, Samantha Trigo, but that she didn't live there.

We left our information, asking Miss Trigo to contact for this story. She has not.

"And look at the vent area, the water comes in when it rains." Then there's the problem Perez says he's having with the mobile home's roof, damaged in the move, and needing to be repaired.
The Troubleshooters contacted the man who did the repairs who told us he's turned the matter over to his attorney.

To look at the home today, you probably couldn't tell it's in need of repairs. But Perez insists it does, for his family's safety.

He can't get it insured until the repairs are made. "I have it livable, but it aint safe." He further claims the family has to leave for a safer location whenever it rains.

The move has cost Perez alot more money than he believes it should have and he intends to recoup as much of it as possible.

We'll continue following this story and let you know what happens.