Troubleshooters: Military family asks for help getting money from sale of RV

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Posted at 4:26 PM, Oct 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-05 17:53:53-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A married former military couple were trying to sell their RV, so they took it to a local RV Consignment business in Calallen for help selling it.

Well, the RV was sold, but the couple has yet to see one penny from the sale. So, they've called Andy Liscano's Troubleshooters for help.

It's a 44-foot Heartland Cyclone RV. The Johnson family was living in it until moving into their brand new home in the London area of Corpus Christi.

They took it Coastal Bend RV Consignment in February. By May, it had sold for more than $69,000.

The Johnsons claim they haven't received one penny from the sale, even though they're still making payments on it, and for the insurance. They want their money from the sale.

"We're still having to make these monthly payments, and it's not cheap. It's over $600 a month that we're paying," La Bertha Johnson told the Troubleshooters.

In July, the Johnsons say they went to the Consignment business looking for answers, and spoke with a man named Rocky Hunt, who they say admitted he sold their RV.

"And we're like 'what did you sell it for?' And like it doesn't matter. Stop asking me questions. And he stood up and he became aggressive with me," Mrs. Johnson told us.

The Troubleshooters went to the business trying to get answers for the Johnsons, and were told it's a legal matter, and they'd have no comment.

According to the Johnsons, there hasn't been any communication with anyone from the business since July.

"It's very sickening. It's very disgusting," Mrs. Johnson said. "Heartbreaking...and unbelievable."

Also in July, the Johnsons filed an offense report with the Nueces County Precinct 5 Constable's Office.

On August 2, they sent a demand letter to the business, giving them two options; return the RV to them or let them know who it's been sold to so the Johnsons can try to regain possession of it.

Nothing has happened according to the Johnsons.

La Bertha Johnson, who served in the United States Army, says she's also contacted the DA's office, and were told this is a civil matter.

So they will file a civil case this week.