Troubleshooters: House move

Posted at 4:47 PM, Jan 30, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-30 22:18:57-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A woman has asked the Troubleshooters for help getting a house moved from Freer to their property in Robstown, despite never actually seeing it in person.

Patricia Zapata's parents had been living in the old rundown house next door to her for over 25 years, having originally bought it from William Bell. If that name sounds familiar, Bell and his house moving business have been the subjects of previous Troubleshooters stories.

But after all those years, Zapata told us her parents decided to buy a new one from Bell, in June of last year. They put $5,000.00 down on it. Zapata says they bought the house based on pictures of it they found online, but they've never actually seen it in person.

"Our plan was to have my parents live together in the home that we bought for them," Zapata said. "My dad passed away before he was able to see the home moved here."

Her mother also has early onset dementia.

According to the contract, the house is currently sitting in Freer.

Another issue is where Bell's crew is going to put the new house, since the old one is still sitting on the property.

In a phone conversation with Bell, he told the Troubleshooters he had discussed putting the new house behind the current residence with Zapata's father before he had died

"He tore down everything in the back, and (this is) where this house is supposed to go," Bell said.

Despite Bell's plan, Zapata disagreed. She has the understanding that that Bell would move the old house and replace it the new one.

Bell also said the move would be done Feb. 10, which is in 11 days. Bell said that if the Zapata's insist on him moving the old house away, he'd have to charge them more money.

The Troubleshooters will provide an update to the story and how the move goes for the Zapata's.