Troubleshooters aiming to get privacy fence finished for Taft widow

Taft widow has been waiting 3 months for job completion
Posted at 5:07 PM, May 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-02 15:19:40-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A Taft woman has called the Troubleshooters, asking for help getting a privacy fence built at her home.

She's already paid a contractor to build it, but three months later, it’s still not even close to being done.

Robert Salazar also goes by Robert McDowell, his adopted name. His compnay is R. Salazar Fencing and Landscaping.

It's a one-man operation he says has only been in business for seven months.

In February, Maria Hadden of Taft found him on Facebook and hired him to build a privacy fence around her newly rebuilt home at the cost of $2,000.

Three months later, four posts are all the work that’s been done.

And that's why Hadden's son says they called the Troubleshooters.

Hadden recently became a widow. Her late husband was a veteran.

So the family wonders why, how, could someone do this to a veterans’ widow ?

Salazar told us he knew Hadden had recently become widowed.

"How does that feel?" the Troubleshooters asked Hadden's son, John Uvalle.

"I always ask myself that question," Uvalle said. "If the shoe would be on the other foot. And it’s sad that people out there do that."

Uvalle and his mom say they contacted Congressman Michael Cloud’s office, and the local VA office for help, since her husband was a veteran.

"Is the fence built?" we asked Salazar.

"No sir, it’s not," he replied.

"In your opinion, why not? My opinion is, she’s in a neighborhood where she doesn’t trust her own neighborhood."

Salazar agreed to an on-camera interview with the Troubleshooters.

He said he wanted Hadden to install security cameras at her home to help protect materials left on-site from being stolen.

They have been installed.

Salazar is well-aware of the posts on social media about him and his business, and admits, it hurts.

"How do you change the perception of R. Salazar Fencing and Construction in the public eye? How do I clear my name is what you’re saying really," he said. "How do you change your reputation, yeah? To clean my name, right now, really, my name’s already been cleared.

"I have so many jobs. So many recommendations. I have so many people that will vouch for me, saying I’m not the person who they think I am."

While we were speaking with Salazar, we called Hadden.

Now, Salazar has promised to finish the work at her home this week, and pay for everything.

He told her and us, it will take three to four days.

Of course, we’ll follow this story, and let you know if Salazar keeps his word.