Troubleshooters helping single mom fix her leaky mobile home

Christina Matheu's water-logged mobile home
Posted at 8:25 PM, Sep 30, 2019
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ROCKPORT, Texas — Wait until you see the conditions a single mother in Rockport is living in.

Keep in mind, she was one of the people gifted a brand-new mobile home after Hurricane Harvey.

This is the mobile home Christina Matheu says she was given last May by Samaritan's Purse.

Now we've all heard about homeowners wanting open floor plans, right?

But this is a little ridiculous.

This is her kitchen.

A little background.

Matheu tells us she just got the trailer in May 2018, after Harvey.

Six months later, she claims she did a walk-thru with an inspector from Samaritan’s Purse.

“He didn't tell me nothing that there was a water leak,” Matheu said.“He didn't tell me that there's water anywhere around there. He didn't tell me nothing like that.”

But Robert Zimmerman did.

“It looked like somebody had garden-hosed the whole floor,” said Zimmerman, a contractor. “And I told her there's something more going on than this.”

Two weeks ago, Matheu asked him if he could find out why her kitchen floor was buckling.

And that's when they found the source of all the mold, which could be why she says they're feeling sick.

“Everytime we come into this mobile home, we start getting the same effects,” she said. “We leave the mobile home and we're just fine out there.”

Renenber, Matheu says the mobile home was brand new when she got it.

But ever since that walk-thru, six months later, she's had problems.

The home did come with warranties. And that's why Matheu can't understand why the responsible parties haven't stepped up to help her.

She remembers a phone call with someone from Oak Creek Homes, the manufacturer.

“She's the one that told me that they were gonna come and they were gonna put all brand-new walls on my mobile home,” Matheu said. “Well, up to this day, they still haven’t done that.”

The Troubleshooters called Samaritan's Purse and Oak Creek Homes, the manufacturer, and left messages.

In a statement, Samaritan's Purse told us they're working closely with Oak Creek Homes to make sure Matheu’s home is safe, and as soon as possible.

Oak Creek Homes left a message saying only the compliance officer at their corporate office is the only one who can comment, but they're out until tomorrow.

We’ll check back and let you know what they tell us. 3KZG7MOS

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