Troubleshooters help with cracked driveway

Posted at 3:49 PM, Aug 31, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-01 03:31:16-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A homeowner tells the Troubleshooters that the new concrete job done on his driveway is ‘poor workmanship.’

Jose Jimenez paid Isidro Marquez Aguilar of Marquez Construction nearly $3,000 to replace his driveway back in February.

Just six months later cracks run throughout the driveway.

As the driveway began to crack, he asked Aguilar to fix the problem. After all, he has a warranty for seven years, he says.

“That’s what the job requires," Jimenez says. "For him to lift it all up again, and redo the job.”

By phone, Marquez gives his side of this disagreement.

“I was willing to reimburse the money that he paid me, but he didn’t want to take it," Marquez says. "He wanted me to replace everything, even the concrete that somebody else poured before.”

Jimenez argues that the warranty on the work means Marquez should fix it, not refund his money.

He further points out, according to paperwork from CC Ready Mix, the people he paid for the concrete, that Marquez had them add 20 gallons of water to the mix.

“Which thinned it out for him to have it easier to spread.”

Marquez responded “you have to give it time to cure. If not, you’re going to affect the concrete.”

Marquez says he will not replace the driveway, but will refund the money.

In lieu of a driveway replacement, Jimenez has agreed to the reimbursement.

We’ll let you if and when Marquez reimburses Jimenez.