Troubleshooters Help Local Handyman Get Paid

Posted at 7:06 PM, Mar 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-11 20:34:50-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — We have a new Troubleshooters report for you tonight, about a local "doctor," who's asked us for help getting paid.

He's Dr. Phyx It, Jerry Pearson, and he makes house calls for things like carpentry, maintenance, general repairs.

Plus, he's a veteran and a senior citizen.

But he pays his bills with the money he makes fixing stuff.

Well, he's called the Troubleshooters for help getting paid for three jobs he's done for K&M Properties.

He said they owe him about $1500.

"I'm not being told why I'm not being paid," he said. "I feel like the business just doesn't want to pay me. Period."

Pearson sent Kamran Zarghouni of K&M a collection letter Feb. 18, giving him 15 days to pay him.

"And here we are, the 11th of March, which is past 15 business days," he said. "I still haven't received any payments. Still haven't received any contact. I have no idea where to go next."

So we called Zarghouni.

"He called claiming that he is still owed approximately $1500 for three jobs he did for you last year, I think," we said.

"No, we worked it out with him," Zarghouni said. "I'll call you back."

"How did you work it out with him?" we asked. "He's claiming he hasn't been paid."

Zarghouni hung up.

"Did I do something wrong, and what is it that I've done wrong, because I have a reputation out there to uphold," Pearson wondered.

We are pleased to report that Zarghouni paid Pearson late Wednesday afternoon, making this another Troubleshooters Case Closed!