Troubleshooters: Family of seven asks for help getting out of apartment

Posted at 3:26 PM, Jun 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-14 22:36:47-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A family of seven is living in an apartment that has a major water leak.

There is water on the floor.

The family wants out, so they call the Troubleshooters for help.

We spoke with management, they offer the family a different unit in the complex, but the family decides to move completely out.

Richard and Amy Alaniz are parents to five beautiful little girls. They've lived at the Aventine Apartments since October of last year.

But they're moving out.

Their daughters can't play inside because many times, the floor is wet from water leaks.
And when it gets damp inside, it smells.

"The kids were getting sick. I got sick," Amy Alaniz told us. "The smell is horrendous. It’s bad."

Richard Alaniz says management has replaced the hot water heater, thinking that was the problem, but the leaks continue, and the kids feel trapped in their room.

"It feels like they’re in jail when I’m like ‘you can’t go down the hall cause there’s water," Richard Alaniz said." You have to stay in your room or stay in your bed."

Management has provided fans to dry the water on the floor.

But Max Garcia, area manager for 3CM Multi-Family of San Antonio — who owns the complex — told the Troubleshooters that the real problem here is old, rotten cast iron pipes underground that need to be replaced.

He just doesn't know when that will happen.

Another problem the Alaniz's have with their place is the kitchen.

They claim cabinet drawers have been missing since they moved in, and the kitchen sink, well, needs attention.

They also told us that just days before we went to the complex to interview them, they'd been issued an eviction notice.

And they acknowledge they haven't even been living in the apartment for the last month because they've been welcoming their two newborn daughters to the family.

After the Troubleshooters spoke with Garcia and on-site manager Alexandra, the Alaniz's says they were offered a move to a different unit, with a temporary rent adjustment.

They turned it down. They've decided to relocate elsewhere.