Troubleshooters; Driveway Cracks

Troubleshooters; Robstown Man Wants Driveway Cracks Fixed
Posted at 5:53 PM, Oct 23, 2019

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Do you know much about laying down asphalt ?
We're going to learn some important facts about it in tonight's Troubleshooters report.
A Robstown man had asphalt laid down in his driveway 2 years ago, but now there are cracks in it.
And he has asked us to help him get them fixed.

Danny Schroeder is doing this for his brother, who lives right next door.
The asphalt in his brother's driveway in cracked in spots, nearly 2 full years after it was first laid down and sealed for $14,500.00.

According to Schroeder, it was re-sealed for $3000.00 by a company called A&D Asphalt in June last year.
And, Schroeder claims he was told, it came with a lifetime warranty.
The Schroeder brothers believe that for all the money they've already paid, it should look alot better than this.

So they've been trying to contact the company that first laid it down, a man named Pat Price, or A&D Asphalt, the company that gave it a second seal.
"We've tried for about 3 weeks. Nobody would answer their cell phone. Their business phone, or nothing."
So Schroeder contacted us and we went to the address we had for A&D Asphalt in the Park Tower on Buffalo Street.
No one answered the door.

But we did finally speak with Pat Price and Danny with A&D.
They both tell us the asphalt needs maintenance, like another seal coat, every 1-2 years.
That's due to rain, heat, and cold, among other things.

Danny with A&D also told us he's hospitalized right now, but he promised us and the Schroeder's that once he's recovered, he'll come back out, fix the cracks and re-seal it, and do it before the end of the year, and do it for free.