Troubleshooters: Corpus Christi Memorials

Posted at 2:49 PM, Aug 30, 2023
and last updated 2023-08-30 16:43:39-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The Troubleshooters have continued receiving calls from many viewers about Corpus Christi Memorials. Many stories have been done on them, but on Wednesday, there are new developments to share.

All Belinda Nino wanted from CC Memorials was for them to deliver her dad's headstone by Aug. 17, the anniversary of his passing.

Troubleshooters caught up with her on Friday, Aug. 11 as she walked into the business on the West Side of Corpus Christi, looking for answers from Pat Osborn or Frank Lamas about the headstone she already bought and paid for.

Nino and CC Memorials originally signed an agreement for the headstone last October. It was for a little more than $3,200. But just last month, nine months later, a frustrated Nino said she went to the business, and asked for her money back.

She said Pat Osborn, the longtime owner initially gave her a refund check, but when Nino took it the check to the bank, they told her there were insufficient funds to cash it. Later that same day, July 27, Osborn paid her with a cashiers check.

"They told you 'here's your money back. We're still going to get you the headstone and we'll take care of it. Is that an accurate statement ? Well, that I trust them is not one thing, but that I want that done, to get the headstone placed there, that's what I'm wanting," Nino told the Troubleshooters.

While gathering information for this story, the Troubleshooters learned that the business was changing hands. Troubleshooters confirmed that with the Nueces County Clerk's office. Official documents show that on Aug. 3, ownership of the business did in fact change from Pat Osborn to Juan Lamas, who also goes by the name Frank.

On Aug. 8, the Troubleshooters texted Lamas, asking him to confirm this. His response, via text read, "There are ongoing talks on acquiring the company. Until the sale is final, no other comments will be made."

Nino claimed she told Osborn she'd be willing to give them the $3,200 cashiers check back, if they could promise to have the headstone delivered by Aug. 17. But it's still not there.

When the Troubleshooters asked Nino how far she would chase this with Corpus Christi Memorials, she said, "As long as it takes."

On Monday, Aug. 14, Nino went back to the CC Memorials' office, still trying to get answers. While there, Pat Osborn called CCPD, and they issued Nino a Criminal Trespass Warning. Minutes later, the Troubleshooters went into the office and asked to speak with Osborn or Lamas. No one came forward to talk, nor has anyone called.

Bonnie Delgadillo showed the Troubleshooters a handwritten note she claimed Osborn gave her. It said her gravesite marker will be delivered Aug. 17 or money will be refunded in full.
Delgadillo called Troubleshooters on Friday morning after visiting the business office because the marker had not been delivered, but Osborn was not available to speak with her.

Juana and Alberto Pina contacted Troubleshooters because their story is similar. They bought their headstone from CC Memorials and had it paid off by May 8. It still hasn't been delivered.

So many customers have contacted the Troubleshooters with the same story - broken promises from Pat Osborn and Frank Lamas.

"I called him this morning," Pino said. "And he said that he doesn't know if it's there or not. So, I don't think that it's there. I think that he's also playing with me like the other lady."

The Troubleshooters called Frank Lamas this morning to let him know this story was airing on Tuesday, and offered him another opportunity to give us a comment about what's going on with the business. He has not returned the call.