Troubleshooters: Buying a Used Vehicle

Posted at 5:47 PM, Dec 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-21 21:58:52-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Will you be looking to buy a used vehicle any time soon ? Maybe you've already done so, how did it go?

Tonight, the Troubleshooters ask some local used vehicle dealers for some insight, some tips, to help protect you when you walk on a used car lot.

First question for G.R. Moore, president of the local chapter of the Texas Independent Automobile Dealers Association..."is there a Lemon Law in Texas ? Not on used cars," he answers.

Moore's been in the car business nearly 40 years.

We're asking him for answers to your questions, the ones you call the Troubleshooters with, about the used vehicle you just bought, that now, doesn't run, just days or weeks after you bought it.

"Every car's going to break. Unfortunately, every car's gonna break. If you have that issue, if you're dealing with a good dealer, a dealer will help you," Moore tells us.

He also suggest that you always looks for the 'As Is' sticker on the vehicle you're interested in. It should be on one of the windows or windshield. Every dealership is required by law to display them or face a fine of up to $50,000.00 depending on which governmental agency does an inspection, according to Moore.

The back of the sticker outlines some common major defects that may occur in used vehicles.

"Who's responsible if the vehicle doesn't run within 24-48 hours after purchase ?" we asked him. "Well, no one's responsible, but if you're a responsible dealer, he or she will work with the individual."

That's why he also recommends buying an extended warranty on a used vehicle. Yes. It covers things like the motor, transmission, air conditioner and water pump.

In fact, one of the tips Moore and other dealerships we spoke with offer is that you establish a budget of say $3000.000 a year, for repairs that will inevitably occur at some point.

Another tip is to always check the vehicle's Car Fax report. Make sure if it's a used vehicle, that is has the 'As Is' sticker. And then have a reliable and trusted mechanic you can take it to for repairs.

Moore also cautions about buying fraudulent paper license plates.Only licensed dealerships can issue authentic paper plates.