Roofer disappears with payment without finishing job

Posted at 6:12 PM, Jun 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-22 19:12:32-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Few things make people more upset than paying a contractor a lot of money, but the work never getting done, or getting done poorly.

It’s what today’s Troubleshooters is about.

Mrs. B’s Barbacoa on Bonner is only open Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Mrs B. is Belma Lintz, the owner who lives across the street.

She hired Reynaldo Puebla the weekend of June 12 to repair her patio roof and remembers something he told her before she hired him.

“I turned down 2 other jobs just to be here. I really need the job."

So Lintz paid him $1800.00 to get started because she says he told her he’d get the job done in no time.

$800.00 of that money was supposed to be for materials.

But she claims this is all the material Puebla’s brought to her house since the June 12th weekend.

And this is what the roof looks like today.

Has he disappeared?

“No calls. No texts. Nothing? No calls. No texts. Nothing.”

A quick check with the Better Business Bureau shows Rey Puebla of ‘Rey’s Your Man’ has an F rating and 2 unanswered complaints already this year.

“I feel like I’ve really been betrayed.”

Lintz did tell us that when Puebla showed up to start the job, he asked her for more money.

She refused.

She says Puebla offered to give her a refund, but she wants the work done instead.

After looking for Puebla at this house, and repeated phone calls, Rey Puebla finally contacted the Troubleshooters Saturday, June 20th, and said he’d be at the house on Bonner on Monday.

We checked with Mrs. B at noon today.

Puebla has not shown up or called her.