Calallen neighbors ask Troubleshooters for help with stray dogs

Posted at 2:33 PM, Aug 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-17 17:00:11-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Chapete and Chula, 2 dogs, not their real names, were in the back of Abigail Rosenberg's vehicle when we first saw them.

Rosenberg says she gave them those names after she caught them running around her Calallen neighborhood.

She says she called Animal Care to come pick them up.

Not only Chapete and Chula, but several other dogs Rosenberg claims are getting free from a nearby house just a few blocks away.

"They said that were full. They were at capacity," Rosenberg told the Troubleshooters. "They don't have any room for them. And to let them loose and call Animal Care so they could come and pick them up."

2 of Rosenberg's neighbors provided the Troubleshooters with pictures and videos they say show the dogs getting free at various times in the day, and running around the neighborhood.

Rosenberg has 2 dogs of her own, but admits she's fearful of them being attacked when taking them out for a walk.

"I walk with mace. I walk with mace. They say walk with a stick, but a stick isn't gonna...The mace. That works."

The Troubleshooters were with Rosenberg when she decided to return Chapete and Chula to their owner a few blocks away on Avenue B.

"Has Animal Care come out and spoken to you about your dogs getting out in the neighborhood ?" we asked the woman who took the dogs. She responded. "I have COVID. I can't be out here."

A minute or so later, a man came out of the same house, visibly upset as he walked up to photographer Roy Hinojosa and I as we stood on the street in front of the house where Rosenberg had just returned the two dogs.

"OK. I'm on the street. You wanna record me ? Get your **** camera out of my face. (Pushes camera). Got your neighbors complaining about the dogs. (Guy walks away). Lucky I don't **** pull my gun on you."

The Troubleshooters contacted Animal Care about this particular situation.

A city Public Information Officer told us Animal care would check it out and get back to us soon.

We scheduled a Zoom interview with them for 3:00 p.m. Tuesday, August 18, where we spoke with Animal care Field Supervisor Vanessa Scarbrough about this situation.

"We issued nine citations on August 13. Some for not having rabies vaccinations and one for having more dogs than allowed. They can only have six," said Scarbrough.

She said Animal Care did get a report of a dog on dog attack in this neighborhood and are well aware of the situation.