Troubleshooters: Taft Job

Posted at 3:19 PM, May 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-24 16:14:49-04


Someday, Harvey Davis Used Car Sales will open for business on Highway 181 in Taft.
But not today.

Almost 2 years ago, Hurricane Harvey made a shambles of it’s future home.
Last year, Davis got a small business loan, and hired Johnny Acosta to do a re-roof and some interior work.
Total cost for the job, according to Davis, $15,000.00.
And his records show that in May 2018, he gave Acosta an $8000.00 down payment for materials.
And then another $500 in June last year.

The place is nowhere ready to open for business today.
But remember, someday Davis plans to sell cars out of here.

“He owes me $18,000.00 worth of materials, plus…” Davis told the Troubleshooters.
Plus, he wants Acosta to pay for the business he’s lost because he can’t do business.
Davis he claims the business should have been open at the beginning of this year.

So where is all the material Acosta was paid to get to start the job ?
Davis claims Acosta stole it. For instance…
“My son was watching him load it up. He was telling him ‘oh no, no, no. I’m taking it down to the place down here. Come to find out, cash refund. He’s taking it back.”

Not only that.
Davis says he was paying Acosta for more than just materials.
“His batteries are bad, so I had to go and buy him 2 new batteries for his truck. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. You hired him to do the job, and you’re paying to make sure that his truck runs ? Well, I’m trying to help him so I can get my job done.”

Davis and the Troubleshooters called Acosta, and found out, that on this day, he was working in Beeville.
The Troubleshooters went to his house and left our business card.
He has not returned our call.
Nor has Davis filed a police report on him.
“I go to the police, and he’ll take off running. Get the hell outta here. So now, and the police is waiting on me to file.”