Troubleshooters; Dream Home Flaws

Posted at 3:54 PM, Apr 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-24 16:14:48-04

What do you think of when you hear someone talk about their dream home?

An out-of-state couple had their dream home built in Corpus Christi, but, they have found several flaws.
The builder claims he was unaware of their issues.
It’s what tonight’s Troubleshooters story is all about.

Ray and Annette Shull had their dream home built by Ramsey Vaiz.
They moved in, in December 2017, 4 months after Hurricane Harvey.
They were supposed to move in September 2nd, just days after Harvey.

Ray Shull says these are the type of screws that have been used on his front door.
The Shulls’ further claim they ordered fiberglass bathtubs, and claim one of their tubs aren’t brand new. It’s used.

They further claim their shower stalls were supposed to be fiberglass as well.
But it’s the same tile that’s laid on the floor.

So right there in their kitchen, the Troubleshooters called the builder, Ramsey Vaiz.
“Have they mentioned this to you before? Are you aware of these issues? Uh, no, sir. We used to give a one year warranty.”

The Shulls also pointed out that they ordered different kitchen sink faucets.
And if you look closely, there is grout missing in a few tiles on the backsplash.
But Vaiz claims this is the first time he’s heard about these issues.
“Nobody has called me. Whatever it is, they should have brought it up at the very beginning.”

So here’s what we’ve been able to work out.
The Shull’s will make a list of what they want repaired, and send it to Vaiz.
Vaiz says he’ll send somebody to check it out.
If that doesn’t happen, the Shull’s want a full refund.
we’ll let you know if that happens.