Troubleshooters; Bride-to-Be Concerned About Her Venue of Choice

Posted at 6:55 PM, Jan 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-24 16:14:47-04

A woman showed up at 4100 Up River Road at the same time we did today.
She told us starting to get a little nervous about the deal she’s made with Daniel Esparza.
She’s already paid him, and set the date for her wedding, here, later this year.
She loves the place.
She just doesn’t want anything ruining her big day.

As we did 2 weeks ago, the Troubleshooters went searching for Daniel Esparza, to ask him, what’s going on ? Why are all these people complaining about you ?
More than one person has told us Esparza and his partner live in the church.
But no one has ever answered the door when we’ve knocked.

2 weeks ago, we confirmed with Judge Joe Benavides’ court that Esparza was evicted from this property in November last year.

“About 2 weeks after I moved in, my ceiling falls in, in the living room. The water doesn’t run correctly.”
Tiffany Gamez told us she lived in the house behind the church on Up River Road, and worked for Esparza, last July.
But despite promises she claims were made to her, repairs were never made.
“And Daniel straight up told me I’m not giving you an f’ing thing back.”
The property owner, Moe Motaghi, told us today that since Gamez’s transaction was with Esparza, there’s nothing he can do.

If Esparza’s name sounds familiar, he was the subject of a Troubleshooters report on January 14th.
He has helped the less fortunate with his non-profit called ‘No Child Goes Hungry.’
But in April last year, he was accused of writing a series of hot checks at a local convenience store.

We have learned that the property owner, Motaghi, will honor the woman’s wedding plans for later this year.
Even tho he admits the sanctuary is not up to code right now, he assures it will be long before the bride walks down the aisle.