New Development in Troubleshooters Story on Complaint Against Local Contractor

Posted at 4:10 PM, Jan 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-24 16:14:46-04


We have the latest on a Troubleshooters story we first reported in October.
A homeowner had a complaint against a contractor named Rick Castellanos of Rick’s Tile.

The day Juan Cruz and his family opened the door to their brand new custom home, medallion tile work caught their eye.

“We walked in the door and we went holy cow ! So we called him and we said ‘Hey, you gonna come fix this? This looks really bad.”

Our story aired October 22, and Castellanos told us by phone that day, that he’d fix the Cruz’s problems within a week and a half.

He also said this.
“Anybody can tell you anything they want. Would that go for you as well? I gotta ask you. Anybody can, exactly.”

Well, he hasn’t gone back.

In November, the Cruz’s filed a complaint against Castellanos with the Better Business Bureau.

In it, Cruz wrote that he called Castellanos on November 9, asking why he hadn’t kept his word.

According to Cruz, Castellanos was mad that he had been on the news, then got defensive, saying Cruz owed him money.

Within days, Castellanos responded, saying he guarantees his work, and that Cruz’s floor was completed and looked fine.And further, that his crew repaired it 3 times, but other workers walked on it and damaged it, thus he didn’t feel he had to go back and fix it.

And finally, Castellanos wrote, that if Cruz has his money, he can use it to pay someone else to do what he wants done.

Cruz also tells us he sent Castellanos a Demand Letter today asking for a full refund. He also mentioned that the BBB suggested he go to arbitration, but he declined.

We’ll let you know what happens next.