Troubleshooters: Flour Bluff man looking for rent refund

Posted at 7:15 PM, Dec 14, 2018
and last updated 2019-06-24 16:14:46-04


A Flour Bluff man called the Troubleshooters for help to get his rent money back.

He man wanted the money because he never moved into the place he thought he’d rented.

We’ve spoken with both people involved in this dispute.

One of them is Steve Bullard, who just had a successful kidney transplant.

He told us he wanted to move into this mobile home in Flour Bluff to be closer to his doctors.

Jeremy Anderson owns the mobile home.

On Oct. 28 Bullard paid Anderson a $1000 deposit for the place.

Then on Nov. 1, Bullard paid Anderson $1200 for the first month’s rent.

He was ready to move in.

But never did.

“Did you ever sign a lease ?” the Troubleshooters asked Bullard. “I never saw it,” he answered.

Bullard read from a text he sent Anderson, dated November 14th, that said he needed his money back.

Both men admit that Anderson refunded Bullard $1000 later that day.

“You acknowledge that you owe him $1200? Yeah. Ok, so if he sends you an address where you can send him his check ? Yeah. I’ve texted him many times. What he did was send somebody to my house to threaten me,” Anderson said.

Bullard became emotional just talking to us about this. “Pissed off. Brings up a lot of anger. Makes me wanna do something stupid.”

Anderson told us he couldn’t rent the place to Bullard because he needed it, because of something that happened to him at the same time.

But he did tell us that once Bullard sends him a forwarding address, Anderson will send him the money he owes him.

Of course we’ll check back and let you know what happens next.

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