Troubleshooters; Orange Grove Couple Has Issues with Contractor

Posted at 3:45 PM, Nov 14, 2018
and last updated 2019-06-24 16:14:45-04

The Ramirez family has lived in a house on County Road 239 in Orange Grove for many, many years.
Adrian Ramirez and his wife Diddra, are trying to fix it up.

They hired Cat Trevino of Trevino Construction of Mathis in September, to do the job.
Diddra Ramirez read form the to-do list of repairs. “It says level whole house and replace bottom wood.”
Plus, build a ten foot addition. Put a new roof on, and other rennovations, for $5000.00, according to this paperwork.

But just since September 4th, the Ramirez’s have paid Trevino $11,000.00, but the job’s not done.
“So what are you doing to fight back ?” We asked the Ramirezes. “We filed a complaint or a report with the Jim Wells County Sheriff’s Department.”
On Tuesday, they sent him a Demand letter, giving him ten days to refund all their money.

Trevino gave the Troubleshooters his side of this story by phone.
“Look, that guy over there, the lady came out and told us to leave the premises.”
He went on to say that because he and his workers were told to leave, they left about $7000.00 worth of tools at the house.
And the tools are still at the house. The Ramirezes showed them to us.

On October 19th the Ramirezes gave Trevino a check for $6000, part of the $11,000.00, for roofing materials,
But since he was asked to leave, Trevino says the materials are sitting at his house.
He doesn’t need them, but can’t return them for a refund.
“Have you ever tried to contact them ?” the Troubleshooters asked Trevino. “Well, they wont answer the phone.”

For clarification, all the materials you see at the house in our story, the Ramirezes say, they bought, for the new contractor. Yeah, they’ve hired a new contractor !
“They hired a new contractor ?” said a surprised Trevino. “Well, good luck with him because they steal everything. They took all my ladders.”

As a couple with children, the Ramirezes have lived here 15 years.
Right now, all they want is for the work on their house to be finished correctly.
It’s no fun living like this with all the rain and cold.