Troubleshooters; Landscaper Feud

Posted at 6:45 PM, Nov 09, 2018
and last updated 2019-06-24 16:14:45-04

Today’s Troubleshooters is about a feud between landscapers.
One side says they’ve done what they’re supposed to do, but haven’t been paid.
The other side says no they haven’t.
You decide.

AMB Landscaping is a family business.
In August they were contracted to do some work for Klean Kut Landscaping.
“Mow, edge, weedeat, blow, trim trees, trim shrubs, pull weeds from flowerbeds, pick up trash, and haul off.”

The work was servicing 7 Burger King locations in the Coastal Bend every week for $70.00 each.
So $490.00 a week total.
To get paid, AMB and Klean Kut had an understanding that each invoice submitted by AMB had to include the store general manager’s signature and date the work was done.

But AMB says they called us for help, claiming Klean Kut, which is run by Narciso Guzman, owes them $2600.00.
“He came out and told me he’s not gonna pay me,” Martin Benavides of AMB told the Troubleshooters. “he told me if i want, i can take him to court or do whatever i’ve got to do, but he says he’s not gonna pay me.”

The Troubleshooters contacted Guzman by phone.
“What did you say you are ? Andy Liscano with the Troubleshooters on Channel 10. Oh, uh, you’re the media ? Yes I am.”
Guzman’s side of this story is, AMB did not submit their invoices properly.
Remember, they must be signed and dated by the store general manager.
“And if he is a professional, and a businessman, why is he sending invoices that aren’t properly dated and not properly totalled out to the amount that we owe him ?” he told us.

And the longer we talked about AMB and Martin Benavides, the angrier he got .
“He’s a liar. He continues to lie, and that’s his problem. Like I told him yesterday, we will sue him for defamation of character, and we will go after him for harassment charges if he doesn’t stop calling my gm’s.”

For his part, Benavides says he had a similar problem with Guzman last year.
“He goes thru landscapers like crazy.”
Benavides is trying to grow his business, so he left, even tho he says Guzman eventually paid him in full.