Troubleshooters; Action Lane Contractor

Posted at 8:34 PM, Oct 08, 2018
and last updated 2019-06-24 16:14:45-04

We begin tonight with a Troubleshooters report about a local resident unhappy with a contractor.
It’s yet another story of another resident facing the long road to recovery from Hurricane Harvey.

Zafar Igbal wanted us to see some of the reasons he says he contacted us.
Showing us different spots around the new roof he hired Javier Hernandez to put on his house.
Igbal says the damages were all Hurricane Harvey related.

Hernandez was also paid to fix some cracks in the stucco.
And put in a new kitchen window.
“They replaced that window ? No. They did not ? They were supposed to. Huh ? They were supposed to ? Yeah.”

Hernandez was also supposed to repair the garage door, and get the roof TWIA inspected, all for a total of $7200.00, according to the signed contract.
Checks show Igbal’s already paid Hernandez more than $8000.00.
“So if I understand you correctly, the almost $8000.00 that you have paid Javier Hernandez, is cash. Is a waste of your money ? Yeah. ‘Cause you’re going to have to have it redone ? Yeah.”
Igbal claims he’s been told by other contractors the roof will not pass inspection. His insurance company wont like that.

He also wanted to show us what he claims happened inside.
The ceiling in his master bedroom and dining room collapsed from heavy rainfall in early September, damaging the carpet and floor tiles.
“He came to me and he said, look, he didn’t even finish the job,” Igbar said, recalling a coonversation with Hernandez. “And he said, I can tell you the truth. I don’t have any money and I don’t have anybody to work for me. But the guys I want to hire, they want money up front. And if you give me the rest of the money, I said, I’m not giving you. It’s $8-900.00 left. You didn’t finish the job.”

Igbal says Javier Hernandez lives, or used to live, right across the street.
No one answered the door, or the phone, for the Troubleshooters today.